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File name:A Clumsy Flight
Developer:Douwe Broekema
Publisher:Douwe Broekema
File Size :74MB

A Clumsy Flight – FREE DOWNLOAD

Aclumsy flight is a 2D action-roguelike with a focus on dodging enemy planes and upgrading your equipment.

Each time you play A Clumsy Flight your experience will be different and your playstyle

will change. Along the way you will get the chance to upgrade your gear and defeat the

danger lurking in the air. Make the right choices on your journey or the never ending

flood of danger will snowball faster than you think into an inevitable dive into the ground.

After each adventure you will be able to customize/upgrade your tools for the next flight

and getstronger, faster and moreskillfull each run.

Customizing your tools can be done in terms of a new plane with different stats and quirks.

Such as a very fast plane being able to dive through small gaps or a bigger tougher build

Key Fetures:

  • Dozens of unique upgrades
  • Heaps of plane combinations
  • Short gameplay matches
  • Retro pixel art designs
  • Frames animated by hand
  • Classic shoot em up gameplay with freeflowing movement and a free camera
  • Unique enemy and boss designs
  • Make a build that fits your style of gameplay