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Unity 5.2.0 Pro Final for Windows and Mac OS X is here on SoftASM, is a powerful game engine software and a popular game development platform used to create, design and develop Android and PC games of all types depending on developer’s skills and experience in this industry. It offers a complete package of tools to design and create 2D and 3D games easily. It won’t require the user a rich knowledge in C and Java to build games, because this program provides vast number of elements to drag-and-drop.

Unity 3D Pro 5.2 Key Features:

When it comes to developing video games for mobile especially for Android, we find many platforms, but Unity 3D Pro 5.2.0 Patch is the best of them thanks to its advanced technology to create games for computers, PC (Windows, Mac OS X), create mobile games (iPod, iPhone, Android), Console (Sony PS 3, PSP, Wii or XBOX360, and Web browsers Firefox, Safari, etc. Create war strategy games, develop action and adventure games, concept and party games, FPS (First Person Shooter), pinball and many more.

Unity 3D Pro 5.2.0f3 has a simple and friendly graphical interface, with the possibility of importing textures. It gives us the possibility to design any game in three dimensions or two dimensions essentially by using robust tools to create clean scripts, fast model and character rendering and modeling. Unity Pro 5.2 has support for Direct3D 11 graphics optimization and the possibility of adding Lightmapping effects, add extra effects such as: blur, specular reflection, refraction or HDR lighting to create animations.

Unity 5.2 Installation Instructions:

How to use crack for Windows:
1- Open [UnitySetup32-5.2.0f3.exe] for 32bit or [UnitySetup64-5.2.0f3.exe] for 64 bit and install the software.
2- Do not open the program. Close it completely.
3- Go to crack folder then copy the “Patch file “Unity 5.x Pro License Patch.exe” to default : “C:\Program Files\Unity\Editor” or “C:\Program Files (x86)\Unity\Editor”).
4- Now open the patch (As Administrator) otherwise it will not work.
5- Select unity version in menu; select [Unity 5.0.0f1 (Beta)]. Yes this patch works for all versions – don’t worry, we are not that stupid!
6- Click the “Patch” button to start the patching process.

How to use crack for Mac:
0) Install the program – double click on “Unity-5.2.0f3.pkg“.
1) Backup original Unity file and replace with cracked file. Open Application folder – Open Unity folder – Choose Unity application and right-click -> Show packages contents – Open Contents folder ->
Open MacOS folder – Copy Unity file in this folder to other places on your Mac – Copy Unity file on Crack folder and replace the above Unity file on MacOS folder.
2) Copy license file – Open your Mac OS X partition, for example it is name “MacIntosh”
– Open Library -> Application Support -> Unity and copy file “Unity_v5.x.ulf” from Crack folder to this folder ( MacIntosh/Library/Application Support/Unity/Unity_v5.x.ulf )
3) Close all internet connection to unity server (using Little Snitch block all connection to Unity Server)
4) That’s all. Enjoy Unity 3D 5.2 Pro Full Version Download.