Submit URL to Bing

After I discussed earlier about how submitting URL to Google, this time I will explain how submitting URL to the bing. Bing is one of the search engine owned by Microsoft officially launched in 2009 and is the latest version and successor of Live Search. One of the three kings, the search engines. leading in this world, has its own uniqueness and not a few who became its consumer.

After knowing what it was Bing, then this time, I will explain how to blog or our website indexed in bing. Here’s a way of submitting URL to Bing:
1. Register here to do an open page

2. In the column character, the character contents of premises shown above. If the character is not visible, use the [F5] or Refresh Web Browser
3. In the URL field, Fill with the web address or blog (Example:
Note: It can be determined when indexed by bing
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