– Blogsvertise

There is a paid review site. Only Blogsvertise apply different rules in terms of acceptance and payment review commission. On this site every review that you write must be approved by admin. Commission is paid after 30 working days after the review is approved admin, also via PayPal. Ease, your commission is not split into two with Blogsvertise. Suppose you got a review worth $ 10, so for that commission that you will receive later. – BuyBlogReviews

Just as Sponsoredreviews and Blogsvertise, BuyBlogReviews agent is a paid review site. The difference is, some advertisers in BuyBlogReviews allow you to write reviews in languages other than English. Commission on this site is also greater, where you will be paid at 70% of the reviews. Commission paid on 1 and 15 through PayPal.

– ReviewMu

For those of you who want to reap revenue from paid review, but his English mediocre, ReviewMu is the solution. Yep, this site is a paid review local agent so you can write a review in the Indonesian language. Large variety of commissions, at least Rp 10.000/review. Commission payments made by bank transfer after total commissions you earn to reach the minimum limit of Rp 100,000.

1. Affiliate

Services affiliate you can sell from your blog anywhere. most programs for free to join and provide tools such as links and banners that can add to your blog to promote the program with ease.

Currently, There are many products that are sold on the Internet through Affilisi. You can join this broker and choose products that match your list to offer.