Recognizing ToolBar in Microsoft Power Point 2010 (Mengenal ToolBar dalam Microsoft Power Point)

Basically, some toolbar functions of Power Point same as in Microsoft Word, Excel, Publisher etc. but there are some additional differences to modify design, animations, Transitions, a slide show which is a development of previous versions there were only a few additional tools function just like at no additional customization Clipboard Tools Paste with Double Facilities eg Source Text in the Clipboard to paste in pictures, textauto format etc.

The following picture :

ok, here I will menjelasan toolbar feature in power point that is different from the other Microsoft office.

– Home: the ribbon [Home] there are several toolbars are:

1. Clipboard => to adjust existing data in the clipboard, or create a data to the clipboard. example: cut, Paste, Format Painter (letters or objects)
  2. Slide => to set associated with the layout of a slide. For example: create a new slide page, change the arrangement of the slide show

– Insert: to input data in the form of tables, images, Illustrations, links or hyperlinks, letters or symbols and objects (Audio and Video).

– Design: as the name suggests, serves to modify the design of the display began designing fonts, screen size and color theme.

– Transitions: its function, to change the animation of a slide when it appears.

– Animations: can be used to create a form engaged, objects, and here also in the facilitation PowerPoint users to create an animation.

– Slide Show: the ribbon, we can make any arrangements that would slide in the show, and the strengths of the Power Point has been providing facilities for changing resolution and display a different resolution between the display operator, with a Projector

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