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Anti-Porn V24.2.11.12 Crack Serial Free Download is an indispensable tool for controlling all performed operations on your computer. The application blocks access to unwanted or unsafe websites and applications. In addition, it filters websites and other elements that, for example, may pose a threat to our pet. Anti-Porn is a very popular tool outside of our country, used to control the use of our computer. It is perfect for controlling visited websites and programs launched by our children, spouses, employees and other people working on the computer.

The program controls and blocks access to computer games and other programs containing content inappropriate for a given user using a computer. The application is very useful if the entire family uses the same computer. Then, you can quickly secure access to unwanted websites or other system components.

The possibility and high functionality can be proved by the fact that the program is used every day by over 8 million people around the world. In addition to the basic options for blocking selected pages, as well as their filtering, the tool also offers many more useful functions. Among them we find, among others those that allow you to block selected instant messengers, computer games, as well as define the time in which you can use them and run them.

There is also an eye protection function that blocks the computer after a certain time, giving the user the opportunity to rest. Anti-Porn also allows you to create a register of all visited websites, as well as capture and save disk screenshots of your desktop. Access to the configuration options is protected by the password provided while installing the software.

– Block thousands of inappropriate sites, which is written in English, Japanese, Korean, Russian, German, Franch, Spanish, Chinese, etc.
– You also can predefine thing you don’t let kids to see.
– Anti-Porn’s intelligent content Filtering Engine blocks inappropriate site before it appears in front of children’s eyes.
– Anti-Porn can determine which program is a game or chatting tool and limit it to run.
– You can lock the PC’s screen for a while every several minutes in order to protect child’s eyesight.
– Set limits on the time children spend on internet, computer games, and instant messages.
– Monitor the online activity of your children. Captures Windows screenshots periodically at set time interval.

Installation Instructions by Softasm:
1- Open [antiporn243.exe] and install the software.
2- Do not open the program. Close it completely.
3- Copy “tuEagles.Anti-Porn.v24.Patch.exe” to installation directory.
4- Run the patch as admin and do the patch.
5- That’s all. Enjoy the final full version.