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File name:Raising Jake Studios Pristine Peaks v1.1.0
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Pristine Peaks is an ultra-low distortion peak limiter for use in both mixing and mastering applications where the utmost in transparent peak control is required. Pristine Peaks uses a novel approach to dynamics control that produces a very “clean” sound that does not break up or distort even at high gain reduction amounts. Instead of saturating or clipping waveform peaks, Pristine Peaks determines what needs to be done to control the peaks and applies that gain change to the entire waveform. This results in extremely low THD that does not increase with gain reduction.

Pristine Peaks provides the following features:
Less than 0.005% THD at any gain reduction amount (20Hz-20kHz, ISP on).
No aliasing.
Oversampling option for ISP detection.
4 choices of Dither (16 and 24-bit).
Linear Phase input High Pass Filter.
Up to 20dB of limiter drive gain + 20dB of Ceiling range.
Attenuation and Gain Compensated listening modes.
Peak hold meters that capture the max gain reduction.
Mono and stereo channel applications.

Pristine Peaks is the ideal limiter of choice for music and post-production applications where clean, high quality limiting is required without saturation or clipping of the source material.