Central European Biomass Conference 2011

Conference overview

Date: 26.–29. January 2011

Place: Messe Graz, Graz

The National Action Plans for renewable energies required by the EU for the first time in their history oblige the EU member states to specify binding minimum targets for increasing their share of renewable energies on their primary energy consumption. Studies have shown that biomass will play a central role in future energy supplies, particularly in Central Europe. And so an atmosphere of departure is spreading through the EU states in the east, suppliers of renewable energies are preparing to break into the fossil power economy’s well-protected sinecures and most domestic technology suppliers are now gaining footholds in the new markets.

As a hub of information, the Central European Biomass Conference 2011 will be providing an up-to-date overview of the political, economic and technological developments on the overall sector of biomass energy utilisation:

  • raw material availability and provision,
  • conversion technologies for heating, power and fuels,
  • industrial applications and the funding of bioenergy projects,
  • environmental effects and market developments as well as
  • political developments and required actions.


The IEA Bioenergy-Workshops – “Torrefaction of biomass” and "Aerosols from small-scale biomass combustion plants" – constitute the scientific highlights of the event. We shall, for the first time, also be dedicating a separate conference day to the topic of “Short rotation wood and new agricultural raw materials”, which will possess a very practice-oriented structure and will be aimed particularly at farmers. The Industry Forum will be presenting top technologies while a separate co-operation exchange (Matchmaking Event – Biomass Business Talks) will also be held for companies and organisations.

Beyond that, the conference is of course also intended to serve as a platform for the exchange of information, results and experiences as well as offer the opportunity to network. The possibility of seeing the latest bioenergy technologies at the "Häuslbauer" (house-building) trade fair and practical applications during the excursions will mean that Styria, a pioneering region in the development of bioenergy in Austria, will definitely be worth the trip.


Programme Central European Biomass Conference 2011

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